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What’s in my well water?

A tool for private well owners

If you own a private well, you may have results from a water quality test by a laboratory.  The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection strongly urges private well owners to get their well water tested at least once a year.

But have you wondered what your results really mean?  Are you looking for more information to help you interpret your results?  

Silent Spring Institute has created this tool to help private well owners interpret well water test results.  All you need to do is enter the results that you received from a laboratory that tested your well water.

Don’t have any water test results?  Go to our FAQ page to learn more about testing your well water and finding a state-certified laboratory.

For more information, you can also contact your town’s Board of Health.


Our tool will automatically generate a report including:

Graphs comparing your results to up to date drinking water standards, background levels, and Massachusetts public water supplies
Information about where these chemicals come from and how they can affect our health
Information about water treatment options for each contaminant

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This project is supported by funding from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and was updated August 2022.